campaign 2008!

I received the link today for the American Sociological Association elections. For those readers interested in canceling out my vote, here is how I voted for the association-wide offices (if anybody reads this who was running and did not get my vote: no offense, nothing personal, I’m a partly-stochastic voter, etc.):

President: Pescosolido
Vice President: Burton
Council at large (vote for four): Bachrach, Mare, Morgan, Minkoff
Committee on committees (at large; vote for two): Milkie, Polletta
Committee on committees (Ph.D. granting): Padavic
Committee on committees (non-academic): Bird
Committee on nominations (vote for six): Carter, Correll, Morning, Correll, Voss, Correll
Committee on publications (vote for two): Fligstein, Ridgeway
Committee on blog parties (vote for two): Fetner, Khan

I am running for an office in the medical sociology section. My experience has been that I feel ambivalence when asked to run for something, but once my hat is in the ring, I want to win. So, if you belong to the section, I want your vote. I am running against this person, who I do not know and who looks friendly enough from his photo, but there are rumors that at a campaign fundraiser he said that sociologists were “bitter” and that he’s not a very good bowler. Also, you can see plainly from the photo that he does not wear an ASA flag lapel pin.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

4 thoughts on “campaign 2008!”

  1. Committee on nominations (vote for six): Carter, Correll, Morning, Correll, Voss, Correll

    I see your move to the Chicago area has affected your style of political participation in a predictable way.


  2. Which office are you running for? Do you aspire to be the next book raffle coordinator? Also, where do you stand on the issues. You can’t just expect my vote because you’re Jeremy Freese, the soc blog rock star – you’re going to have to earn it man.


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