sure sign that i’m out west

At a cafe in Fort Collins.  The guy working behind the counter is wearing a T-shirt that proclaims “I’m not a hairy cowboy, I’m a well groomed mountain man.” 

 (it pains me not to capitalize the W in West)

4 thoughts on “sure sign that i’m out west”

  1. I have found memories of that town. I always thought of it as the nice calm middle between the liberal lunatics of Boulder and the conservative lunatics of Colorado Springs.


  2. It’s a scatterplot edict that we don’t capitalize our names or post titles.

    I thought that was weird, because I capitalize everything on my blog, but I listen to Herr Freese and bow to his indomitable will. But I am currently reconsidering the aesthetics of my own capitalization rule. Sometimes, no caps does look better.


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