dispatch from st louis

In the airport, on a layover on my flight back from New Orleans.  This counts for Missouri for my record of states from which I’ve blogged.  Missouri has heretofore been a monkey on the back of my intermittent quest, as it was the only state I had been in since starting blogging that I had not posted from (although this photo of me and my mom in this post is from that trip).

Next year’s PAA is in Detroit.  Not quite on par with NOLA as a place to visit, except for those interested in disaster tourism.

Demography’s PAA wasn’t the only PAA meeting this weekend, as there was also some kind of Pirate Association of America convention at a nearby hotel.  (Riddle: What’s a pirate’s favorite statistical software package?) All these people were walking around in extremely elaborate pirate outfits.  Quoth someone I was walking with, “These pirate people really go all the way out.”  As if someone is going to fly in for a pirate convention and only dress with a paper Long John Silver’s hat and a puffy shirt.  I don’t know if the pirate convention and population research convention will be the same weekend next year, but I suspect the pirates won’t be going to Detroit anyway.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

4 thoughts on “dispatch from st louis”

  1. But do you know what a pirate’s favorite set is?

    Ok, so it’s the same joke.

    As for Detroit – there are definitely a few things worth visiting here, including the excellent and newly remodeled Detroit Institute of Arts. But I won’t try to argue its superiority to NOLA.


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