overheard (boston T edition)


The same joke has been in the past two books I’ve read.

What’s the joke?

Something like “Two behaviorist psychologists have sex. And then afterwards, one says to the other, ‘It was good for you. How was it for me?'”

I read that in a book, too!


A lot of Irish people immigrated to the U.S., and particularly to Boston, when a blight destroyed the potato crop in Ireland.

Oh, right. It was a fungus, actually, phytophthora infestans. We just sequenced it at the Broad!

2 thoughts on “overheard (boston T edition)”

  1. When I was at Amer Econ Assn meetings a few years ago, a older guy there did the “Assume a Can Opener” joke, and told it really slowly. It was excruciating.


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