earth hour

I didn’t know about this. But apparently TODAY there is a global movement to turn off your lights for an hour (starting at 8PM). This reminds me of when I was a kid visiting my family in Pakistan. Every night for an hour electricity was shut off to parts of Lahore. There wasn’t enough of a supply. I rather enjoyed this time – sitting around with family, chatting. Then again, I was a kid and I was on vacation. So I’m cautious to be too overly romantic. Today I will not be turning my electricity off for an hour from 8 to 9PM. My dedication to watching basketball supersedes my dedication to the environment. But I’ll make up for it by doing it for two hours some other night. I wonder what I’ll do. Unfortunately I don’t have anyone I could talk to (I’m single). And going somewhere that has electricity is most certainly cheating – in fact it’s probably worse than staying at home with the electricity on. Any ideas? It will be too dark to read…  Perhaps others will be part of the movement tonight, though. Make me proud…

6 thoughts on “earth hour”

  1. if you just don’t want to turn off your electricity, what about renting a generator for the TV? I am so with you on not missing basketball.


  2. “if you just don’t want to turn off your electricity, what about renting a generator for the TV?”

    Um, doesn’t that defeat the purpose a wee bit?

    How about spending the hour going for a walk. (Outside. Sans iPod, cell phone, GPS, Treo, laptop, camera, or any other power-using bit o’ gadgetry.)


  3. scorrell: I love it! I’ve also invited someone whose brother is a coach for Xavier, so something tells me that saying to him, “Oh, I’m sorry, we have to turn the game off now, I’m not using electricity for the next hour” would get me punched in the face.

    I like the idea of a walk. And actually, I think I may simply adopt this as a general hourly strategy from 8-9PM. It will be good for me. And I will then have a regular “earth hour”.


  4. shakha– i like it. An earth hour every day, but not one that would conflict with the tourney.

    krippendorf– sure it defeats the very literal purpose of not using electricity during this one specific hour, but my point is why this hour?


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