blogs without comments

I really don’t think blogs without comments should be allowed. Really.

For example, there is this post over on The Soc Shrine, and yet, there is no where for me to point out that while the Queen song did in fact go, “dum, dum, dum, da, de, dum, dum,” that the Vanilla Ice song actually went, “da-dum, dum, dum, da, de, dum, dum.”


 And, proof.

10 thoughts on “blogs without comments”

  1. oh, and one more thing about us “not getting it:” we’re not nearly as cool as we think you think we think we are. so, it worries us that maybe you don’t actually think we are that cool.


  2. I was puzzled by one post that refers to the shriner editors getting comments about the appropriateness of a post, causing them to yank the post, and then they started getting negative feedback, questioning the decision to pull the post. Who is giving this feedback and how do I join in?


  3. I posted about this a while back (some of what I said no longer applies, but some of it still does even 3.5 years later). I don’t tend to read personal blogs that don’t allow comments (so yeah, these recent discussions about this particular blog have been lost on me).


  4. Ok first of all, VI totally ripped off that bass line.

    I thought this mught be an entry about entries that generate no comments. Those are also sad. And if you don’t count the comments from my mom, sometimes I have them! But I count my comments from my mom. So there.


  5. I don’t think they think we think they think we think we’re that cool. I also think they think we think they think we think they think we’re not very cool. Although I think they think I’m occasionally so far uncool that I come out the other side into cool again.

    Plus, I know the secret knock to leave a message for them.


  6. I think it depends on the site. One friend has a personal blog just for friends and has comments off because it’s just to give out information on his life and family. On the other hand, if you’re not a blog like that, then you should have comments.

    (And I agree with laurabethnielsen about VI.)


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