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The Kid is sick today, and since Husband has been primary parent for the last week and a half while I completed the copyedits on my upcoming book, I drew the straw of canceling class and staying home. So, following on the scatterplot zeitgeist, here’s what we’re watching today:

Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs


A great show, based on some books we haven’t read, about a 5-year-old kid and his dinofriends. Matches the Kid’s current interests perfectly, and avoids some of the common problems of kid’s television (namely, scariness and bad behavior).

Yo Gabba Gabba


Frankly, this show scares me a little, but Kid loooooooves it. It is super weird, but I think in a good way. Only time will tell if chopping up a TV show into super tiny clips causes even more ADD than regular television. However, I really like the music in the show, and although many, many kid shows these days encourage kids to “get up!” and do something, this is the only one that actually gets my Kid up to dance.

Maggie and the Ferocious Beast


One of my faves, and not just because the show got my Kid to try cucumber sandwiches. It’s sweet and silly.

For the record, I’ll be sick of all these by the end of the day, and even more so the shows that Kid loves more than I do, like Backyardigans and the awful, maddening, overtly sexist Max & Ruby. And of course, we’ll do some fun crafts, play with dinos and maybe get a game of checkers or Trouble squeezed in between shows. Not a bad day, when you think about it.

11 thoughts on “home sick”

  1. I want one of those orange cyclops things for my office.

    At first I thought Max & Ruby was a restaurant chain, and then I realized I was conflating Max & Emma with Ruby Tuesday.


  2. Please tell those of us STARVED for stories for kids about cool girls more about Maggie and the Ferocious Beast. Sounds promising, unless, of course, she is married to or in love with the ferocious beast, in which case this is not what I’m looking for. Beauty and the Beast has cornered the market on romanticized DV.


  3. Maggie and the Ferocious Beast is an awesome cool girl show. In fact, it’s even better because the cool girl, Maggie, is friends with other boy characters. It’s a *gasp* mixed gender show! You may have thought these were extinct, but Maggie is it.

    Basically, the Ferocious Beast (who is really not ferocious at all) and a pig named Hamilton Hocks live in Nowhere Land. Maggie comes to visit there during her play time, and they go on adventures and have picnics and such. Hamilton plays the role of host(ess), serving sandwiches and lemonade and planning trips for them. Beast is very much a sweet kid, a little impatient and frightened of most things, who gives them rides around Nowhere Land.

    They sometimes sit around wondering what to do, then decide to go on a birdwatching trip or put on a puppet show or visit friends. Everyone is nice to one another, no scary things happen, and the characters are not irritating. What more can you ask for?


  4. For the most part, kids shows are rather heavily marked by gender, even when there are both male and female characters in them. They are easily identified as gendered: Dora, all the princesses, etc, are girls’ shows. Diego, Bob the Builder, Spongebob are boys shows.

    I was just commenting to a friend that this gendering project sometimes trips up the shows producers, who for example have all but replaced Christopher Robin in Tigger & Pooh’s adventures with some girl named Darby. Clearly, they are trying to make this a girl show, when the books are totally boy books.

    All of this gendering is a big pain in the butt for a parent who thinks that shows like this are producing gender more than reflecting the actual preferences of kids. So, when a boy pig serves sandwiches to a girl human and a boy beast, it is special.


  5. We’ve got a sick baby today too. Mary and I have been trading off, but it’s definitely stressful. Glad you’re making the best of it, and hope she’s better soon….



  6. I’ve tried to get my two year old to dig M&FB but all he cares about right now is Diego and Curious George (both boy shows). He’s sort of obsessive in his devotion to Diego right now.


  7. Perhaps my 3.5 year old girl isn’t old enough, but she doesn’t care much for girls shows or princesses. Instead she is obsessed with Diego and his menagerie, as well as Lion King. She has no problem pretending she is one of the boy characters (like Diego or Simba the lion) and having her baby brother play the sidekick (Baby Jaguar or Nala the female lion cub). She also likes Dragon Tales, which I don’t find to be a particularly gendered show. I wonder if/when she will start to associate more with the girl characters and prefer girl shows, or if she will continue not to notice the difference.


  8. Demographist: Messner claims that, for kids in more gender neutral homes, the preferences start when friends start mocking them for liking the “wrong” things. My Kid likes tea parties, dinos, having his fingernails and toenails painted, soccer, trains, superhero play, and his sheepie (sort of a sheep version of a woobie). I imagine this is typical of kids who are allowed to do whatever sort of play they choose.


  9. Tina, I feel you.
    The Backyardigans might seem irritating presently, but if they go out of rotation in your home, then you might find yourself missing their funky songs.
    So I’ve heard.

    My kids like the Berenstain Bears books and shows. The sexism is there for sure, but those “life lessons” can come in handy in civilizing the little buggers.


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