as long as we’re talking about television…

I guess it’s time to go public with this: After hundreds of hours of behind-the-scenes lobbying and deliberation, Scatterplot has decided to endorse David Cook in this year’s American Idol race, in a show of solidarity with all those who are simultaneously sort-of-goofy-looking and sort-of-alt.Ally.Sheedy-looking (here, doing “Hello” better than the original version).  There was also much support for the Irish woman with the husband with tattoos on his face (here, doing “Crazy on You” better than the original version; meanwhile, you can see the husband 20 seconds in on this clip), but we decided we can’t deal with how she’s already had two big-ticket chances at pop stardom already, with a different last name (here, age 18, Hollywood) and a different first and last name (here, age 16, Canada).

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

11 thoughts on “as long as we’re talking about television…”

  1. What’s with this “better than the original” nonsense? Better than Lionel Richie? Better than Ann-frakking-Wilson? Ahhhhno, I’m gonna have to say.


  2. Shamus: No matter how many times you want to vote for Taylor Hicks, that was two years ago and there’s no bringing him back.

    AB: I actually bought and listened to both versions of “Crazy on You” side by side. I double diva-dog dare you to do the same. For that matter, I would think that musically-interested martians who had not been soaked in Beatles propaganda would pick Irish woman’s “Come Together” over the Beatles version.

    I didn’t especially like Lionel Richie’s “Hello,” so Cook wins on the song-I-like beats song-I-didn’t-like criterion.


  3. Sorry, just don’t agree. No need to dare me to buy these songs, or provide You Tube clips, or whatever. I already own them, and I prefer the original in both cases. Though I do think Carly Smithson is talented and all. But you’ll never hear me say that some Daughtry replica with slightly (and I stress *slightly*) more hair is better than Lionel Richie at anything. Maybe parenting. I don’t know if this dude has kids or what.

    I’m willing to buy, however, that your seeming lack of emotional/nostalgic tie to these songs, and your apparently strong emotional connection to the AI contestants this go-around means that you’d prefer the newbies to the classics. Which is why I just can’t take your word on the Beatles thing. I mean, dude, you never heard Blackbird before.


  4. I wasn’t talking about “Blackbird.” I certainly do have the Beatles “Come Together.” Besides, we aren’t talking about me, we are talking about culturally unsaturated martians.


  5. The hypothetical martians may be culturally unsaturated, but we’re talking about your assumptions about them. That’s all about you. And I can’t believe I’m actually arguing about hypothetical culturally-unsaturated martians.


  6. Whatever you do, when you argue about hypothetical culturally-unsaturated martians, don’t make any kind of jesting or otherwise reference to astr*s*ci*l*gy. But someone monitors Google for new links to that word, and that person e-mails a friend of his, and before you know it there is a message in your inbox accusing you of being a “scurvy butt.”

    Here, Crazy on You by Heart, live on TV in 1976.


  7. Can I be honest? I hate them all this year. Seriously. I’m not rooting for anyone. I’m still holding out that this’ll be the first year where AI has no winner.


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