happy birthday, jeremy!


you rock!


your blog

(Note from Jeremy: Sara is renowned for wanting to do birthdays up big. However, I resized the photo and put it in just as a thumbnail so that it would not be so big as to crash anyone’s browser. The photo is from last year, when we were at the Eastern Sociological Society meetings in Philadelphia on my birthday, and Sara indulged my desire to run up the steps to the Art Museum like in Rocky and to have my photo taken in front of his statue.)

21 thoughts on “happy birthday, jeremy!”

  1. Also, feel free to tell me how to shrink it! As ever, I mean well (and Jeremy, you should know that I started this post before you posted your “oy”)…but my blogging technical skills are still in their infancy.


  2. Oh, and happy birthday, of course!!!!!!! and, I ran up those steps when i interviewed at Swarthmore — it may have cost me the job offer, but I could not resist.


  3. If you’d moved to NYC, Jeremy, you would have gotten two things:

    1.) A birthday dinner!
    2.) Spankings

    The good comes with the bad, I guess. For such a distance I can only say, “Happy Birthday!”


  4. TMI, dude.

    I stand by my gift. It symbolically brings us back to that moment of our first gasp of air! Thus marking the beginning of our (not really but kinda) independent lives.


  5. It symbolically brings us back to that moment of our first gasp of air!

    In that case, you should offer to tickle his feet. I can’t tell if that is more or less discomfiting than a spanking offer. Oh, and happy birthday, Jeremy!


  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you’re having a fun day! Let me know what day works next week for a crepe or a fondue or whatever else would be fitting for the occasion.


  7. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! I saw _Wicked_ yesterday and did some other things in Chicago (although I’m desperate for it to be warmer so one can walk around the city comfortably). By this point, I feel like the winter has not only spanked but beaten and pummeled me.


  8. A belated happy birthday! I was out of town! I should send you a mix CD. I stopped calling them mix tapes (although that’s my first impulse) because people kept asking me if I really used cassettes.


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