i had an idea today

As long as we’re having name tag ribbons, I think we should also make a sash. The sash should be given as a great honor, worn by a different person each day. We can decide who gets it through a series of competitions. One of the competitions should be at the scatterplot party, and the sash will be given as a door prize based on some criteria. I suggest the criteria be, “that person who clearly least wants the sash.” But that’s negotiable. There’s no way org theory will have a sash. Take that, org theory!

2 thoughts on “i had an idea today”

  1. Over at orgtheory, we recently were referred to as their “fun sibling” and also as the “goofy new kid.” Probably because I was (and am!) the overly serious oldest sibling in my family, I’m quite enchanted by the idea of being the goofy, younger one. So, I hope you’ll forgive me if I propose a game of tug of war with the sash…


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