Writing from my elliptical trainer, as I work out and watch an episode on iTunes from Season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  This will be my 34th gold star as part of my scheme where I give myself a gold star every day I work out, and for ever day short of 200 stars I earn for 2008, I have to give $25 to a cause I don’t want to give money to.  I’ve been trying to decide on a cause.  I’ve been wanting to choose a cause that I despise enough to motivate me while not actually being something where I would feel like I was harming others as a result of my sloth.  I have thus decided that if I do not make 200 stars I will be sending a check to help fund the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

I was contemplating picking something involving psychoanalysis, astrology, or Paul McCartney, but then I decided that would be overthinking it.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

22 thoughts on “buff”

  1. good choice — smu will appreciate it.

    i have also been watching season 1 (on FX) — and not liking it. it really doesn’t get going for me until the last three seasons or so.

    i am addicted to lost (but they do make it hard), big love, and ptoject runway. lost is especially good if you watch full episodes, one after the other, as you would at the gym. we started watching the first season on dvd and it’s really hard to keep up if you have a week between episodes.


  2. for pure indulgence and a flashback to the 80s and the war on drugs, i do love 21 jump street (still can’t even type that without singing it).


  3. With that beneficiary, I predict you’ll make 200 with time to spare (even though you appear to be a tad off the pace as of now).

    As for viewing material, I recommend Arrested Development, Futurama, and HandBrake. I’d downloaded the Firefly pilot, but haven’t made it that far into it in part because I don’t think it was that well-suited to the iPhone screen. Contrasty shorter-form comedies are IMHO easier on the eyes at that screen size.


  4. six feet under. I was like a junkie when I started getting those on netflix.

    I have 30 stars and 170 to go — luckily there are still 296 days in 2008!! I found this “count down to the new year clock” (if I was smarter I could put it no my desktop), which always lets me know how many days are left in 2008:



  5. If you haven’t yet, give the Gilmore Girls a chance. Certainly a show for all genders, and with 7 seasons out on DVD and hour-long episodes it should keep you busy! Definitely one of the most intelligent shows I’ve ever seen.


  6. I’m not great at multitasking when working out, so I would tend to go towards lighter fare. But that’s just me: Old seasons of Top Chef and Project Runway, Burn Notice (a fun summer series with lots of spy stuff – and Bruce Campbell!), Kathy Griffin’s reality show. If Celebrity Rehab is available online, it’s fascinating.

    I also second 21 Jump Street – it’s a really entertaining time capsule, and there are endless guest appearances by stars (some before they were famous – Brad Pitt, Jason Priestley, Vince Vaughn).


  7. Drop whatever you’re doing and get “The Wire” ASAP — best show on TV — smart, thoughtful, funny — The Wire

    Dexter & 6FU are both solid suggestions.

    Dr. Drew Celebrity Rehab *is* fascinating, but I say go with “Intervention” if you’re looking for addiction drama.


  8. abarian: You’re right. Intervention is probably a bad workout show. I’ve logged a lot of treadmill hours with The Wire and Six Feet Under because it makes the time go by more quickly, but footage of crack smoking and vomiting bulimics lack a certain “Rocky” inspirational quality.


  9. Belle (@17): The rules say you get a basketball sized court. Given that, I’ll say 15-20. If it was a cage-match style area, I think maybe only 7-8. I do think once the adult fell, s/he’s a goner.

    TB: I watched every episode of Arrested Development last year–an addiction that started on the elliptical trainer! And, from your recommendation!

    Others: I’m downloading Season 1 of Firefly from iTunes. I might do Dexter after that. I’m leery that the Wire may be like Lost as a TV show that I’ve already seen too much commentary on to enjoy (I watched a couple of episodes of Lost and it just felt like it had been ruined by various references in things I’ve read to stuff that happens later). Same, maybe, for SFU.


  10. briand0n0van: funny that you mention that now. I just watched an episode last night – while eating sherbet – that was all about bulimia. Great episode… but ew.


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