I’ve not been feeling very bloggariffic, for whatever reason. I have been angry at the Confederacy lately. No Confederacy, no Civil War. If not for Civil War and its aftermath, the major city of the Midwest would be St. Louis rather than Chicago. Which means that the structural equivalent of Northwestern would be located there instead of here. And I would have the same job with all the same splendid people, only winter would be shorter. Curse you, Dixie.

Anyway, while I’ve been at a blogging ebb, a new WordPress venture has begun whose raison d’blog is “preserving the wit and wisdom of sociology bloggers.” The posts are 1-2 sentences with links to us and other sociology bloggers. I’ve no idea what the point of it is. I don’t know if this is yet another incarnation of those people who’ve been obsessed with Scatterplot. Looks like it maybe. Crazy. Mere boldface and italics are insufficient to express how I am so not in the mood for that. In any case, presumably there’s some proto-noxious intent, and so following company policy I’m not going to link to it. Good to know that our sociology celebrity continues, however, even in spells of lower posting.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

12 thoughts on “south”

  1. aww really? i thought it was going to be something actually helpful. i was just thinking to myself “sheesh, there are too many soci blogs to keep up with these days” and then a self-proclaimed blog about sociology blogs showed up. it sounded brilliant, but i haven’t really payed attention to it. turns out i want to be my own gatekeeper.

    i understand the blog slump. i’m in one too, i guess.


  2. Stanford for about 5 minutes. But I met GradMommy from your blogroll and met someone who is doing participant observation of cockfighting. So, it was WAYYYYY worth the travel.


  3. Come summer I suspect that Chicago might be a better place to be than St. Louis. I’ve heard the heat and humidity there is insane. Chicago is pretty bad too, of course, but I think it’s better. This winter seems to be a particularly nasty one. I’m glad I made my pilgrimage home to see the folks in November before things got so cold and snow covered. I won’t taunt you with what the weather in LA is like right now.


  4. STL DID have a great sociology dept at Wash U, which still sports top flight depts in Poli Sci and Econ. Unfortunately, Lee Rainwater and Alvin Gouldner each convinced the administation that the other’s type of sociology was bullshit. Administrators agreed that sociology is bullshit (something they had long suspected), and a formerly top 10 dept died.


  5. Yeah, they think Bobo is going to move to STL to build a program from nothing…does courting a pipe dream constitute planning to get back into a major PhD market? Shouldn’t administators get points off if the celeb is in town to see family? If they wre serious they’d be picking up solid sociologists now, and think about stars when they have a legitimate shot at recruiting them.


  6. Kristina: I shouldn’t let those people weird me out anyway, but they do. After I posted this, they put up an old post of mine with a title that’s an obscure reference to The Boy Detective Fails, a novel I recommended on my previous blog a long time ago.

    Sarahliz: Yes, you can imagine that perhaps I thought about LA once or twice or several hundred times this winter.

    Sherkat: I get your point about unrealistic recruiting, but I do see where a university with resources that wants to start a new department would see starting with a star as good strategy. Splashy and Sends A Signal.


  7. I’m sorry, Jeremy, but it appears that your past experiences have made you paranoid. If “The Soc Shrine” is an attempt at snark, it is an incredibly poor one. Based on the fact that it includes original posts in addition to links to a wide variety of blogs (not just Scatterplot), the authors’ intention to provide a location for light-hearted soc-related posts appears to be legitimate.


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