the road to hell was actually a flight path.

Those red-eyes are so deceiving. Omar and I were at a meeting this week at USC. He chose to stay an extra night so as to avoid the red-eye but spend a day traveling. For a multitude of reasons (first and foremost getting home to relieve the babysitter), I chose to take the red-eye instead, thinking I’d get in, take a nap, and have an entire day to be productive while Omar was stuck in a middle-seat.

It didn’t matter that I upgraded to an exit row or that the baby behind me was actually really good for 99% of the flight or that everything went just as planned at my connection. I came home, took a nap, and am still absolutely exhausted. On the list of things I’ve accomplished – printing out work to do, grocery shopping, and paying bills. Not exactly the immense list of things I hoped to get done.

The really sad thing is, there was a time when red-eyes were all I flew and once I didn’t actually sleep, but stayed up all night talking to the person beside me (who seemed interested, of course). The fact that this flight derailed me is evidence of yet another valuable ability that has waned with age.

2 thoughts on “the road to hell was actually a flight path.”

  1. I’ve abandoned the idea of taking red-eyes because I would have this fantasy of being able to sleep but then never would. Maybe I should revisit this idea.


  2. I refuse to fly anymore after 9-11. I definitely will not go to Europe because they require finger print data to be collected. In Orlando they pioneered iris scanning. The world is turning into a police state. Privacy will be a thing of the past.


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