15 thoughts on “more on gender, work and power”

  1. I’ll let you know…it’s for Saturday. The idea is that the party fun will be the kids making their own superhero emblem on the paper I glued to the fabric, and then they can figure out their own fun once they are becaped.

    I got the idea from mom (once again, not mine), who linked to an indie biz that handcrafts capes. Being both cheap and bad at planning ahead, I just cut rectangles of fabric and glued on a piece of paper.


  2. superhero capes, how fun! my husband and i have talked about designing a family crest with the kiddos and having it printed on t-shirts. we’ve also toyed around with creating our own family holiday as well :-) too fun and the possibilities are endless!!!


  3. Dan: I must confess to just having been corrected on this one by a copyeditor. (No, I don’t send my posts to a copyeditor; this was for a different piece of writing). Like in grad school when a professor had to edit out the apostrophe in 1980’s in a paper I wrote for a course, I am sufficiently embarrassed that I will never do it the wrong way again. Ditto: that/which.


  4. I hesitate to raise this, but I do have a personal stake in the question. My understanding is that with a proper name like Myers ending in a “z” sound, either an apostrophe or ‘s is acceptable. A good copyeditor is great, but some are overly rigid in their adherence to rules that are more ambiguous than they might want to admit.

    But: for an entry entitled “Gender, Work and Power,” I’m more interested in the gendered nature of the superheros chosen by the kids. Tina, please let us know!


  5. I will be on the lookout for gender selections. The capes are orange, green (Kid’s two fave colors), black and sparkly pink. We’ve got 10 kids coming over, so with 20 capes, they ought to mostly get the ones they want. I’m guessing 1) only girls pick pink, 2) all the girls will pick pink, and 3) all the kids will give themselves awesome superpowers once the capes are on, regardless of gender.


  6. RE: puncuation: I had always heard that it was a “‘s” at the end of names ending in “s” unless that name was Jesus or Moses. I don’t know why they were supposed to be exceptions, though.

    So how did the party go? Are you going to post about it later? Or will that conversation continue here in the comments?

    I remember hearing the argument somewhere that there is a theme in superhero powers and gender in comics: women tend to have powers like invisibility and stretchiness; men have powers like strength and x-ray vision.


  7. I have the quick update for you right now, from my Armchair of Exhaustion. Yesterday’s party was snowed out–we got about 40cm of snow and most of it right during the party, so we put it off until today.

    That meant two parties: one family party on Saturday, one friends party on Sunday. Extra cupcakes to bake so that there were desserts for both days, and yet again, a kid who refused to go out into the absolutely amazingly fluffy snow. Also, lots of shoveling.

    Today’s party went great, and the capes were a moderate hit. Only 2 girls were able to make it, one picked sparkly pink and one picked orange. Neither was interested in superpowers. No boys picked pink, but a few did some awesome crafts on their logo. I especially liked Hydrocity Man–half water, half electricity superhero.

    The Kid had a great time, and melted down rather severely toward the end. By the time I came down from the upstairs bathroom where the screaming beast collected himself, all the parents had cleaned up for me. So nice! And when Kid came down, he was awesome again, thanking everyone for coming and giving hugs goodbye.

    DinoWorld is now set up in our main hallway. What are the chances I step on a parasaurolophus on the way to make coffee tomorrow morning?


  8. Yeah, I would hope he would be maybe 49% electricity, 49% water, and 2% an insulating barrier to keep the two separate. I want to be a superhero who is half vinegar, half baking soda.


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