manufacturing dis-consent

From a midterm evaluation in my undergraduate course, “Environment, Health, and Society”:

“This class seems to give me the chance to learn some new, outrageous fact every week.”

And from another:

“I [heart] analysis!”

For my part, I am consistently inspired and delighted by the Brandeis undergrads.

4 thoughts on “manufacturing dis-consent”

  1. I did an intro to sociology course last semester and I must say it’s amazing how much people don’t know about social divisions in this connected, info super highway world we live in


  2. “Outrageous”–do you know what the student might mean by this? Is it: outrageously cool? outrageously obscured by capitalism’s evil ideological gremlins? outrageous unbelievable?


  3. We just read “Deceit and Denial: The Deadly Politics of Industrial Pollution” by Markowitz and Rosner and watched the film “Blue Vinyl” by Judith Helfand. Based on this (and the comments in the rest of the eval), I’m guessing it’s meanings 2 + 3, with a touch of “I can’t believe that I didn’t know that [insert fact here].”


  4. Sara, I had the same experience with Brandeis undergrads when I was a grad student there. Some of the conversations I overheard on the Friday night shuttles into Cambridge were great … sadly, nothing like the conversations I overhear now at Conformity U.


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