those reality tv camera conversations, with academics.

The videos on this site are strangely reminiscent of the follow ups at the end of late night episodes of Blind Date or the drunken ramblings from The Real World confessionals (only without booze). It’s a far cry from the solution faculty dreamed up to “turn the tables” on student evaluations.

An interesting aside – while there aren’t any sociologists represented on the site (at least not when I checked), there is someone intimately connected to a prolific sociologist. I’m not sure if that will pique your interest, but it made me feel a little more like these are real people and not impostors out for cheap thrills.

4 thoughts on “those reality tv camera conversations, with academics.”

  1. Where’d you find him?! He wasn’t on there when I was there earlier. Of course it makes sense that he’d be the one on there, since it’s his wife who I referred to earlier.


  2. mtv seems to target whole departments somehow, or maybe the word just gets around among colleagues. anyway, the political science dept here at my school was chosen, and it’s practically endless fun to look at the distribution of who participated and who didn’t, and to predict what each says.


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