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September, and not because it’s the only one without 31 days. These are the months over the last year that I’ve sent papers out to be reviewed and September is the only paper I’ve heard back on.

Think Ms. vos Savant could give me the likelihood that those five remaining decision letters all arrive within a week of one another?

6 thoughts on “ask marilyn”

  1. While people complain about the turn-around times at many soc journals, I want to give a shout-out to SPQ, which completely has its house in order in this regard.


  2. Like akphd, I’m impressed. Re turn-around, a major factor is reviewer time and getting reviewers to say yes. Young not-busy scholars are probably happy to be asked and turn a MS around quickly. Some older folks get asked a lot, turn some down and are slow on the others. I’m almost always slow reviewing because there I always have a queue of undone work that a given article goes behind; I’ve been telling editors that so they can look for another reviewer if they want. And then you have the folks who refuse to review because they are too busy writing articles. There is probably also an issue of how hard it is to get reviewers for a particular area.


  3. I concur with Jeremy’s endorsement of SPQ. Two month turn around, very constructive comments from reviewers, and a downright inspiring letter of decision from the editor (really, it made me yearn to do the requested revisions…unfortunately, that does not mean they’re yet done).


  4. Gary Fine gives by far the most informative and helpful letters (whether accepting or rejecting an article) of any editor that I’ve ever seen.


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