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From a “professional custom writing service”:

Dissertation topic requires thorough research. You need to view the selection of the topic from this angle. Unless the topic is within the easy access of the research, you will face problems in completing the paper. If your research findings are not up to the mark, you may be asked to conduct further detailed investigations and research. You need to take this practical aspect into account. The dissertation paper is a time-bound document. You need to submit it within the particular period and the possibility of extension of the deadline is remote. Take the total overview of the project before you commence your writing on the dissertation topic. insures all dissertations are timely delivered.

Just so we’re clear, I believe one should come up with one’s own dissertation topic and write it rather than paying a professional to do it. However, if you do pay a professional, pick somebody who writes like they are fully fluent in English.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

7 thoughts on “prose pros”

  1. You need to submit it within the particular period and the possibility of extension of the deadline is remote.

    Not in some grad programs one might name.


  2. Another attribute of our company is our anti-plagiarism policy, to make sure that all of our works are 100% plagiarism free we put them through anti-plagiarism software before delivering to our customers and all of the writers whose works come up plagiarized are fired without a question. This means that when placing an order with us you can, without a doubt in your mind, be sure that your paper written from scratch and that it is 100% original work, no copy pasting gets past you .

    So you can be absolutely sure that the plagairised paper you turn was not pagiarised until the moment you put your name on it. Nice.


  3. In 1995, Harper’s ran an article by a woman who wrote for a term paper company. What really impressed me was the breadth of her competence: 18th-century fur trade (she is an American but works in Canada, an illegal), the Carolingian Renaissance, displacement of the samurai in the Tokugawa era, the Treaty of Versailles, Mozart’s friendship with Joseph and Johann Michael Haydn, Sri Lankan ethnic division, Machiavelli, the English Civil War. I felt utterly ignorant by comparison. And she wrote well enough to be published in Harper’s.


  4. Can you believe this? They even have testimonials with (fake) names and faces. At least, I hope no one is so stupid as to allow such information to be placed on a public webpage if it’s real.

    Such lies are told.


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