social psychology goes hollywood.

I’m sure that I’m not the only social psychology instructor that hates to show any part of the Stanford Prison Study because of the lackluster video and sound recording (especially evident about a minute into this excerpt). I mean it’s such an important and influential experiment – methodologically, ethically, and intellectually – one would hope that the documentation of research with such ramifications would be perfect or at least better than it is. However, I’m not sure that an endeavor like this is the answer.

* Edited to add that “Das Experiment” (which I’ve never seen) is rumored to be about the Stanford Prison Study, but, judging from the still photos at imdb, looks much cooler than the real thing. I wonder where this movie will fall on any kind of coolness vs. reality continuum (for those people who don’t think that “real” social psychology is inherently cool like I, of course, do).

4 thoughts on “social psychology goes hollywood.”

  1. but you know, in a movie, the students just won’t believe it. I was doing civil rights and we talked about all the movies they had seen, but when I showed exceprts of public violence from eyes on the prize, they took notice.


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