i’m pathetic

This is both a story about how I’m pathetic, and (cleverly) a way to brag. Soon, Top Chef begins. And through some mystical process, I have managed to get invited to watch the opening with one of the contestants! So I get the evite today and notice that only ten of us will be there. And so I think to myself, “woo! it’s exclusive!” So now I feel as if my experience isn’t cheapened by being common. And I can more legitimately claim my own significance.  God, I’m a snot sometimes. I guess there’s no wondering why I study elites…

4 thoughts on “i’m pathetic”

  1. shakha, i was watching Top Chef last night and thinking of you… so jealous.

    i did, however, initially mix up the person you knew — i watched the first 30 minutes thinking it was Andrew, who swore a lot and did not seem very bright, rather than Spike, who seemed perfectly fine. i became more and more confused about just how exactly you knew this Andrew person and finally had to go to my computer and check… i was most relieved to be mistaken.


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