book writing: so exciting i might hurl

OMG! I am reading the copyedits of my book and making almost-final revisions! Squeee!

I don’t know what is wrong with me, but for whatever reason, I have this feeling of excitement combined with nervousness that seems to be building upon itself into a crazy whirlpool of doom/glee in my stomach. Why the doom? Why not just glee? I don’t know for sure, but I have a hunch.

Nonetheless, I think it is a promising sign that, when my publisher sent me the snippet they put together for promotional materials, my reaction was, “Wow! That book sounds really interesting. I would totally read that book.” Hopefully, others who may not have spent many years researching that exact topic will feel the same.

12 thoughts on “book writing: so exciting i might hurl”

  1. That is awesome —

    I had the same gloom/unease thing with my first book and a wise woman (Beth Mertz) asked me what was up. When I managed to articulate it, it came out something like, “I am afraid that when it comes out in print, I will have changed my mind, realized I am wrong about some part, or find another mistake.”

    She said something like, “if you haven’t changed your mind about something or realized you are wrong about it, you have stopped thinking. It is not the last book you will write – it is the FIRST! Now go finish that copyediting!”

    I did. She was right (as she usually is)


  2. Thanks, all. I will write up the major claims of the book here a bit later on for your reading enjoyment.

    For now, I have to plow through these last revisions, and LBN’s wise woman’s wise words will have to play on a loop as I edit.


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