7 thoughts on “thank you, abarian”

  1. I just needed to quote my favorite paragraph:

    In the olden days of white culture, people used to look up to Kings and Princes. These were the people that they adored, and every night they wished and hoped that somehow they could wake up and be just like them. But with Royal Families crumbling, that role has been filled by one man: Mos Def.


  2. I can’t forgive Mos Def for how lame he was as Ford Prefect. Perhaps I should get one of those anecstry-testing DNA kits.

    #62 is something for which one could do a global search and replace of “sociologists” for “white people.”


  3. As funny as I think the blog is (in part because it is so true), I can’t help but realize that if I sent this to some of my conservative (and white) friends they would say that this isn’t a race thing, but a conservative/liberal thing.

    By the way, #71 made me laugh out loud…I love the picture.


  4. Yeah, Mos Def *was* an awful Ford Prefect, wasn’t he? I was really surprised by that, as the casting for everyone else (except maybe Zaphod B.) was so spot on.

    Also, what sociological phenomenon can we use to account for the fact that in the last week, at least one person I know a day has sent me a link to/mentioned/posted about that blog? A testament to the strength of weak ties, maybe?


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