the five things i hate the most: revised and expanded edition

SPSS/war criminals (tied)
the new york yankees
almost everything having to do with ‘superdelegates’*

* main exception: public denunciations of superdelegates

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

16 thoughts on “the five things i hate the most: revised and expanded edition”

  1. Is there a story behind the inclusion of “bats”?

    Obviously, I find the other items to be self-explanatory. (Though I don’t, myself, hate coconut.)


  2. I hate almost everything on your list, too. Coconut is love/hate. Being Vietnamese, it is in every desert thing, especially during the New Year’s. I only like fresh coconut in natural juice (like you split the thing with a cleaver,and in small doses if so) or fresh coconut air-dried and shredded on top of sticky-rice (again, small doses).

    If, however, you’re talking about how the typical person consumes dried coconut, then we are down with the mutual hate.

    I like the Oakland A’s, because of Moneyball and because I am now a reasident of O-Town. They are my adopted in adulthood team. I have no team, Southern Californian that I am. The closest team to me during youth were the Anaheim Angels. I cannot abide by their move to be called “The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.” WTF. Then during law school I saw a bunch of Dodger’s games. They have a venerable history, but they are now owned by Fox, and now have as much heart as the SF Giants.

    What’s your team, Jeremy?


  3. why wicker? I mean isn’t vinyl worse (I am imagining furniture)?

    And I love coconut. Fresh, coconut milk in my thai food, almond joy/mounds, or those girl scout cookies with caramel and coconut — mmmm —


  4. ktel – I hate bats. Even trying to contemplate why is too unpleasant for me to bear without ruining the remains of today.

    belle – I was a Royals fan growing up. But I’m somebody who is a fan of underdogs, not hopeless causes, and so loyalty wanders. Mostly it’s whoever can stop the Yankees. As for coconut, it’s never occurred for me to try any way other than the way I despise, so perhaps I should try it.

    kieran – Just don’t carve a bat out of coconut.

    lbn – I don’t have any problem with vinyl, really. I like it more than pleather, for instance. Or inflatable.

    jlena – 7 has been the new 5 for days now.


  5. Ouch! Hell, Jeremy, are you sure you aren’t being a little hard on war criminals? I mean, they’re bad but- the same as SPSS?


  6. belle – the dodgers are no longer owned by News Corp. Emperor PalpatineMurdoch sold them in 2005 to Frank McCourt. i’m not defending the dodgers in any way, i find them bland and boring, although listening to vin scully call their games gives me the chills (in a good way). it’s amazing how he can do a game all by himself when some networks cram three people into a booth.


  7. Is SPSS really that bad (compared to STATA or R) ? (and why?)

    I’ve never worked with any other statistics programme than SPSS, so I’m curious. (also because our economics department does use STATA, but we can’t log-in to their computers)


  8. SPSS has driven me to violent cursing in private, and nearly the same rage in front of undergraduate students. Why we insist on teaching intro stats in SPSS is beyond me. Don’t even get me started on how bad AMOS has gotten since being purchased by SAS.

    Brammelaar- I’m a SAS user who dabbles in STATA. Once you make the switch you can never go back to SPSS. Aside from the statistical power of both packages,and the continuous release of new procedures, the communities of SAS and STATA users are huge. Now I can google SAS commands and get tons of example code. Plus when writing SAS syntax it changes nice colors when you’ve typed something logical, and red when you’ve typed something illogical. On the subject of colors–I think deep down I prefer SAS over STATA because of the threatening black background and very mysterious red error messages in STATA. (I’m not saying SAS has never driven me to pull my hair out too, but its much more rewarding in the end).


  9. No, I didn’t. Thanks for the tip. Like I said, I’ve been dabbling in STATA, and I keep getting put off and going back to my comfort zone of SAS.


  10. Thanks isabel2!

    I think I’ll go and ask our statistics teachers why we use SPSS if SAS and STATA are better. And I’ll try to aquire those and learn how to work with them.


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