self-promotion for the insecure

Over at my mishmash of a blog, the serious posts are always balanced by something lighter and silly. Law and Letters.

So lest you think I am a humorless and uninteresting law person, if you are interested, check out my polemic against the idea of love and for the reality of love. It has lots of book, poetry, music, movie, and public radio suggestions.

6 thoughts on “self-promotion for the insecure”

  1. Love hater.

    On my old blog, lighter and silly posts were mostly balanced with even lighter and more silly posts. I’m surprised at how readily I’ve been able to transition to one that dresses somewhat more seriously, although Scatterplot is probably near the ceiling of my own capacity for blog seriousness. I’m not sure what that says about me, but I suspect it’s not flattering.


  2. P.S. Don’t be annoyed with me for imposing lowercase on your post titles. It’s one of our very few style guide points, which Tina indulges me with because I am very laid back in most respects but then when I am particular about something I’m freaky-particular.


  3. Don’t hate the player, Jeremy, hate the game.

    I am not anti-love. I am very pro-love. I would vote Love for President.

    I cannot imagine not blogging about other things that interest me, and it’s not like “the law” is the only thing that interests me. I will likely never blog under my own name on a stuffed shirt law blog, or “blawg.”

    And it’s your blog! No prob about the re-formatting. I never noticed this “norm.” My apologies for not toeing the line.


  4. Belle, take note! This is Jeremy’s way of asking you to take the capital letters out of your pseudonym as well. This Midwestern-to-English translation is provided at no extra charge here at scatterplot.


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