I have an old email account I check on occasion. Others sometimes mistype their own account and register for services using this email address. Most services ask for confirmation so there’s not much of a problem. In such cases I don’t confirm and that way the registration doesn’t really go through. Presumably the person eventually realizes this and registers with the correct address.

However, not all systems go through such verification. I just checked this account and noticed that someone has signed up on one of those social sites (you know, the ones like MySpace where you connect up with friends) and has since been accumulating numerous connections. I get a notification about both friend requests and friend acceptances requested by “me”.

So what to do? I see that the original notification email gives me a link to resetting “my” password in case I forgot it. I could go and reset the password and log into this person’s account with the intent of figuring out who the person is and letting them know of this issue. However, chances are low that I’ll figure out the person’s real email address so the best I can do is to erase the account. That is, if I want to stop receiving the numerous notifications. But of course if I couldn’t find another address (most likely) then the person who set up the account would no longer be able to log in. I don’t mean to cause such confusion. On the other hand, wouldn’t the person who set up this account find it curious that there are no messages coming their way?

I don’t mean to mess with this person’s account, but I’m annoyed by all the email notifications and the use of my address. Any suggestions? (The account was set up just a few days ago so the person couldn’t have invested too much in setting it up just yet.)

7 thoughts on “conflicted”

  1. I would reset the password and erase your e-mail address. There’s no reason you have to spend the remains of your life getting e-mail because of this person’s error, and there is nothing about a social site that can’t be reenrolled and reconfigured.


  2. Alternatively, you could use the person’s wall or functional equivalent on his socialite page to tell him your problem. It should not take too long to do.


  3. Well, the above two posters offer valid solutions to this problem. However, have you ever considered that maybe you’re suffering from a schizophrenic/multiple personality type scenario and are actually the person making friends on Myspace? How would you feel if you deleted your account? How would the other you feel about current you posting ugly messages on the other you’s page?

    My recommendation is to tread carefully.


  4. I vote for re-setting the password and erasing your e-mail address. I think you should not be associated with (however indirectly) the MySpace page that someone else has set up.

    My university encouraged departments and units to set up MySpace pages, as a way of elevating our profiles in cyberspace. So I had one of the graduate students set up a MySpace page for the unit I direct. The annoying thing is that most of the invitations from people wanting to be friends of the MySpace page are pornographic. I’m considering shutting the page down.


  5. I agree with the wall suggestion. Type on their wall, or hunt for a different e-mail address on their page. If that fails, then go for resetting the password. At least you can say you tried to do the right thing.


  6. I’ve had this happen to me several times. When it was a myspace-type page, I left a message for the person. When it was a dating service and the woman who thought she had my email address had said she was 19 and looking for guys aged 30-45 to hook up with (an email from one of them was how I found out she’d signed up with my address), I deleted my address and changed the password.


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