are we allowed to plug our stuff here?

To answer foodgirl‘s question: absolutely. To pull said plug from a long comment thread:

My dissertation is about the foie gras controversies in the US and France and looks at the nexus of movements, markets, and the state in defining morality and virtue. My other project was about ‘virtuous food’ movements – the connections and disjunctures between local food, organic food, and the Slow Food movement…That turned into a book chapter that is coming out next year in an edited volume: The Globalization of Food, edited by David Inglis (the editor of the new Cultural Sociology journal), and I’ve collaborated with two great folks at Kellogg (the business school) for an article on the grass-fed beef movement as the creation of a market out of a movement (forthcoming in ASQ).

Speaking of which, there was a local news story out here in sunny California today about slaughterhouses mistreating cows. Has my living with a vegan for many years led me to falsely believe this is commonplace, or is this one of those things where now that there’s some video of cow torture circulating, everyone is just pretending that this is aberrant behavior?

One thought on “are we allowed to plug our stuff here?”

  1. There are several studies of workers at confinement facilities who have increased predilection for violence, or at least permitting the violent actions of their co-workers (either at or outside of work). Fast Food Nation has a good chapter on this.

    Any story such as this has to be taken with a grain of salt, however. The video is being circulated by the Humane Society, which is very much a pro-vegan organization and is not just about the protection of the cute puppies and kittens that appear on their yearly calendars and return-address labels. Motivation needs to be examined.

    So, my take is that it should be be a pretense of aberrant behavior in the slightest, but that the structure of confinement systems for meat and dairy needs to be seriously rethought on a large-scale.


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