4 thoughts on “we hit our 100,000th view today”

  1. Wait, did you actually only go over 100,000 today, or did you go over last night? I’ve been curious when WP says it doesn’t count your own views, what that means, as Tina and I have ascertained that our counts are exactly the same. I have 100,737 views right now.


  2. I’m not sure when it happened. “Today” by GMT. So it could have been last night.

    I have tested the “we don’t count your views” by clicking repeatedly on a post and seeing if the “views” for that particular post go up as a result. They do not. But I do not know if the same holds for “views” of the site as a whole.


  3. As a side note: I’m glad to see your post, Jeremy. I hadn’t seen one in a while and was getting worried. I was going to contact my NU friends to make sure you weren’t trapped under a mountain of paper… In fact, I almost posted about it.


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