home, sweet home

I am back from my holiday visit to my parents and sister, glad to be home. I was a little helpful here and there, and my sister and I had some chances to talk about the plan. I think my biggest accomplishment was convincing both of my parents to finally get hearing aids. I hope they weren’t just pulling my leg while I was there, but you never know.

I think I mentioned before that it was weird to me, after my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, to find that things back home weren’t that much different than before. I guess that mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s looks much like old age a lot of the time, with some more troubling episodes in between, which we were spared on this visit. Other than that, they are the same old parents they ever were.

Also on the up-side: I got to catch up a little bit on my stack of sociology journals on the flights there and back. Maybe I’ll be caught up with 2007 in time for the Best of 2008 contest next year. (By the way, is it a bad sign that for our “top 10 sociological insights of 2007,” we were only able to come up with four?

6 thoughts on “home, sweet home”

  1. If you don’t count (a) articles I read before 2007 that came out this year, (b) articles co-authored by me, or (c) articles I read as part of reading assistant/associate professor candidate files, I’m not sure I’ve read 10 sociology articles with a 2007 publication date this year. Or, wait, I mean I guess I have, but it would include papers for which I’m sure even the authors would agree were written with low ambition and so not “Top 10 of 2007” contenders. I do much more reading for specific projects (and then going back several years into the past) than looking at the latest issue of a journal to see what’s being published now. Am I unusual in this respect?


  2. My mother is having health problems as well, although physical. Partly I think because of your earlier post, I made a point of talking to my sister, who lives near her, to acknowledge that she might get stuck with extra helping.


  3. Jeremy – I think a lot of people read articles in the same way. I’ve wondered how the awards ceremonies at the ASA meetings would turn out differently if we voted on books and articles published five years earlier.


  4. OW: Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope it’s not too serious.

    JF: I think that your (c) puts you squarely into the sociology soup in a way that similar work on my part does not.


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