the problem with optimism.

My parents called this morning to let us know they were leaving for the airport and to talk to B one more time (knowing my mother, this is because she’s always afraid she’s going to crash without saying goodbye to those she loves). At any rate, apparently my mom told B that she’d be in South Bend about 8:30pm. Because I realize the inadequacies of Chicago-O’Hare International Airport and am well aware of the weather-related problems occurring in Chicago, South Bend, and the toll-road between them, I told B that she was being an optimist. B said, “Well, Mom, I prefer to think of it as being positive.”

I take this as a clear indication that my child has only heard me use the word optimist in a negative light and thinks it’s a put-down. I guess I’ve got my first new year’s resolution – work on being optimistic about optimism.

8 thoughts on “the problem with optimism.”

  1. I am naturally an optimist…but after getting stranded here at Ohare last night, I am starting to waiver. I am also a fan of the ‘silver lining’ and this one I am trying to say is that the 10 proposal reviews that have to get done over the holidays are well underway due to my forced down time. Will my optimism hold and allow me to think I will actually make it out tonight — well I have not made another hotel reservation for tonight, so we will see…..


  2. I hope you get out of there (and that my parents, my sister, and her partner) all get in today, rvrlvr.

    I used to be an optimist, and it still shows through at times, but my ex-husband taught me that if you’re a pessimist, you’re often pleasantly surprised, and if you’re an optimist, you’re all-too-often disappointed.


  3. if you’re an optimist, you’re all-too-often disappointed.

    Yeah, but when things go wrong optimists also think it’s someone else’s fault.

    And things will work out in the end, anyway.


  4. the inadequacies of Chicago-O’Hare International Airport

    I must’ve been the only person out of O’Hare yesterday who actually got to her destination ahead of schedule. That the beauty of having ORD as your home airport and the ability to switch to earlier flights. I was on the plane 70 minutes after I got in the cab to go to the airport. I’m probably naively optimistic about air travel, but so far it’s gone pretty well.

    That said, the crowds were not pleasant and I was reminded of why I don’t tend to travel during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Nonetheless, the wedding I attended today was definitely worth it so I’m not complaining.

    For those who get stranded at ORD, fyi, Evanston is just a 35-45-min $35-$40 cab ride (or $2 El ticket) away if a bit of Scatterplot socializing is ever of interest.


  5. Well folks – here I sit in Midway. I got out of Ohare, but by van….. My original flight was cancelled, I was on standby all day for flights to multiple destinations in the right direction – no luck, even with trying to use miles to upgrade. Then my backup flight was cancelled…..they could rebook me, but I said no thanks.

    My luggage got to my destination, my mother picked it up, I got a refund on my ticket and am now waiting for a very expensive southwest flight. More importantly, my family has been informed I am not coming for Christmas next year — if they want to see me, they need to come to me.

    The silver lining part is that I got the proposals that needed to be reviewed done, the syllabus for my class next semester done, people watching is always fun (although 2 days of it gets old), the beginnings of a paper I have been wanting to write for a while and I have gotten caught up on lots of internet surfing.

    Happy Holidays to all –


  6. Sorry to hear that the travel’s been so difficult. But it sounds like you were super productive, which is impressive for this time of the year especially!


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