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This one is less cool than an iphone but maybe you folks can help. I want to get a new small 12″ notebook computer. It is mostly for PowerPoint so I don’t need a lot of horsepower. (My main computers are my desktops.) Portability and long battery life are my main criteria. I use Windows. I’d decided to get a DellD430 which meets my specs. However, user reviews say it runs very hot. Very very hot. As I know how hot a Dell laptop can run, having long owned one that burns my legs, and being related to another that burns itself up periodically, this is leading me to rethink. Would I be happier with a thinkpad? Any advice? (PS, my old Dell held up great for a long time, despite burning my legs)

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One thought on “another shopping question”

  1. I love my ThinkPad, but it’s not the cheapest variety and almost a waste if you’re not going to use it much. I have the X60. It’s tiny and very light, super easy to carry around. It’s very sturdy. The battery life is about 5 hrs. Make sure to ask if you can get it with XP instead of Vista though, the latter suggests too many headaches.

    I had the X40 before this one. There’s a bit of a difference between that and the X60 (don’t know if because of the IBM-to-Lenovo switch or what). The X60 can get pretty warm, but I can still hold it on my legs just fine. (Yup, I’m one of those who actually puts a laptop in her lap.) And the keyboard is not as silent as the X40 was, but still reasonable. (In fact, by now I’m completely used to it as it’s quieter than many others. It’s just when I go back to the X40 that I’m reminded of how silent that was.)

    I used to have a Fujitsu in grad school, but switched, because my IT dept prefers ThinkPads. I was happy with that machine. Judging from some of these prices, it may be a somewhat better deal.

    One more point, for what it’s worth: in Silicon Valley (e.g., at Google), I got the impression that most people seemed to have either a ThinkPad or a Mac.


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