digging out

Like many, we were hit with a lot of fluffy, soft snow yesterday. Although it was the idyllic childhood scene, it took all day to convince Kid that going outside would be fun. Once he got out there, he complained about being cold and refused to get out of his toboggan. Husband and I each took a turn pulling him around the block like we were sled dogs while the other shoveled. Then, we went inside for hot chocolate (“soy milk and no marshmallows, mom!”).

We’re almost dug out now, with one car out and one still buried. It’s snowing again, so it seems a bit futile, but the only choice is to shovel, shovel, shovel.

5 thoughts on “digging out”

  1. When I was a kid, I was never as enthusiastic about snow as all the enthusiasm for outdoor winter activities on TV made it seem like I should be. Mostly, it was just really cold, especially given my propensity to lose my mittens or forget to put them on.


  2. Depending on my mood, I love playing in the snow.:)

    I spent all morning Saturday looking for my boots, packed up for my year at Stanford. I didn’t find them. Nonetheless, I headed out for some fun. I made this smiley in the snow on the beach:

    And here are some photos of fun in the 2003 snowstorm in Princeton.


  3. My daughter had a ball playing outside in the snow. For about 5 minutes. I asked her why she was already coming back inside, and she said “I didn’t know it was going to be COLD outside!”


  4. Ah, that’s cute!

    I actually thought the temperature was fine until I got to the lake and the winds went wild. Then I had to reverse course managing only half the walk I had planned (still got to 9K steps though so no major complaints:).


  5. It snowed last year downtown in Tucson, which is very rare. (Snow on the mountains is common enough.) The local paper carried an article with quotes from some local kids who were out playing in it. “It tastes just like water!”, one of them said.


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