i’m buying an iphone…

And I’m using research money to do it! I feel a little guilty and a little dirty. Like I’m stealing something. But I’m also fired up. I’m going to have to buy new clothing to match my hip new accessory.

12 thoughts on “i’m buying an iphone…”

  1. An iphone with your research money?! Wow. To think I felt guilty about buying “Catholicism for Dummies” with mine – which I do think is justified (and only necessary) given my work environment. :)

    I’d love an iphone, although I’m sure most of its coolness would be lost on me. Something along the lines of why Jeremy bought a Toyota instead of a Volkswagen (although I learned to drive with a Jetta, so a VW would not be lost on me).


  2. The AT&T thing would be enough of a hurdle for me and an iPhone at present, but also I am too clumsy and do too much txting for the touchscreen interface, unless there is a very sharp learning curve over my experience playing around with Tina’s iPhone at ASA.


  3. Yeah. I need an organizer (my life is becoming so heavily scheduled that I can’t remember to do things anymore without prompts by my computer). So really it’s like getting a Palm or Treo. Only I work on a Mac. So that’s my justification. Ah, rationalization. Where would I be without you?


  4. Treo Palm works just fine with a Mac, I thought. Depending on how much you care about open vs closed systems, you may or may not enjoy some core aspects of the iPhone.


  5. There is a learning curve for the touchscreen keyboard — I do relatively little text entry on mine, but I have noticed the correction/completion algorithm kicking in. It works pretty well, actually. My main problem is that the iSkin cover I got (since the device gets to ride around in my saddlebag in season) slightly impedes contact with the outside key areas. I may even remove “fat thumb typing syndrome” from the “kill me now” line of my Facebook extended profile soon…


  6. Given that I don’t know what you mean by “open vs. closed systems” I suspect I don’t care! All I really want is a mobile device to run iCal (my calendar software) and check email on. Those are my professional requirements.

    It would also be nice to replace my second generation iPod. But that’s personal.


  7. i’ve been trying to decide whether to buy a bunch of reggaeton records on the grant i have to study that genre’s diffusion. on the one hand it’s embarrassing to study a genre of music without actually listening to it, on the other hand it’s embarrassing to submit an invoice with a bunch of cds on it.


  8. See, the way I see it – I’m not too broke for an iphone, I’m too cool – I could never replace my current busting at the seams 40 gig pod with a lowly 8gig of storage for mp3s — and if I don’t do that, then why would I bother dealing with such a large and awkward telephone. I’m too cool. Just dripping with cool.

    GR – do you know Raquel Rivera’s work? I’m sure you do. Buy the CDs. This is the one time you can count Daddy Yankee as data.


  9. A good friend commented that I should be more aware about the sort of things I blog on. And I realized that saying, “hey! I’m going to spend my research money on a toy” does, in fact, kinda mark me as an entitled git.

    I considered this before I decided I was going to get an Iphone. Really I could use an organizer in my life. And I was very close to getting a Treo. Why? Because I thought, “A Treo is much more professional. It won’t be read as a vanity item.” Even though both objects pretty much cost the same and would do the same thing for me, one is toy, and one, a work necessity. Odd.


  10. shakha, you will be very happy with your iPhone. i can’t go back to a regular phone now. it makes the treo look like something from the 80s. just because it looks good and is fun to use doesn’t mean it’s not a work necessity.

    disclaimer: i work for apple and that may have been my iPhone Tina was flashing around at the ASA.


  11. mom,

    i skimmed “hip hop zone” while i was writing the grant proposal and planned to read it more closely when i got actively into the project. on your suggestion i googled her though and i see rivera is now blogging/anthology-editing on reggaeton itself. awesome, thanks.


  12. I recently switched from a Treo to an iPhone. I was a big fan of the Treo, but the iPhone is so superior that I could never again use a Treo. Web access is much faster, for one. Second, for Mac users the sync with various Mac programs — Apple Mail, Safari web brower (the phone’s web browser syncs with your desk top so that your Bookmarks are updated and identical to your desktop) and iCal –really help with organization. The touch screen does take a bit of getting used to but once you learn to trust the spelling correction, which is quite amazing, you will have no trouble with texting or email. The biggest downside for me is that the battery does not seem to last as long as the Treo battery. But then again, I use the iPhone more so maybe it not the battery.


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