red stripe + red pen

E-mailed from a friend at another university:


My friend says there’s a whole story to the sign that makes it less odd than it looks. Still. And he assures me the alcohol is not handed out until after the grading anyway. Of course.

Back in Australia we have a saying to the effect that people’s true selves are the way they act when drunk. I wonder what about the true selves of academics are revealed by whether grades get more lenient or harsher if boozing while grading.

In any event, this may have inspired me to invent a drinking game next time I’m marking essays for my own course. “It’s” instead of “its”? Drink. “Irregardless”? Drink twice.

3 thoughts on “red stripe + red pen”

  1. Charlie Moskos used to have something like this at Northwestern, primarily as a way to shovel some money towards graduate students – plus his course was possibly the largest at the whole university, it somehow became a rite of passage, ‘the course you need to take before you graduate Northwestern.’


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