sociologists to the rescue – stat!

Earlier this month, columnist Paul Krugman wrote about Giuliani’s misrepresentation of the differences in US and UK prostate cancer survival rates and  their role in his  misrepresentation of health care reforms proposed by Democrats.

A more extensive listing of Giuliani’s mis-stats appear on the front page of today’s NY Times.

Perhaps one of our home departments should offer up a first year quant/stats student to help candidates with their counting (I’d say “with their calculating” but I don’t think that’s the problem!)…

2 thoughts on “sociologists to the rescue – stat!”

  1. This is something that quant-bloggers are way better at than quant-sociologists. I’m sure there will be strong competition in the fact-checking blog market once the general election season commences.


  2. So, yes, I finally learned how to hyperlink, which is making me feel quite bloggerly. It was kind of y’all NOT to point out how inelegant the links were in the original post…


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