bite me, thomas

Just in time for holiday shopping, those of us who had to return items from the Thomas the Tank Engine trains because they were recalled for lead paint contamination were just sent a friendly email from RC2 Corporation, Thomas’ manufacturer.

Dear Thomas Wooden Railway Parent,

Because you participated in our recent recall relating to Thomas Wooden Railway toys, we thought this information regarding our production quality assurance and testing practices may be of interest to you.

RC2, the parent company of Learning Curve and creator of Thomas Wooden Railway toys, was featured in news coverage concerning the actions toy manufacturers have taken to ensure the quality of their toys and to ensure your child’s safety.

We invite you to watch the report that originally aired Monday, October 29 on ABC’s World News Tonight.

Um, pardon me, but you exposed my 3-year-old kid to lead paint. I’m not watching, and I’m not buying. Ever.

8 thoughts on “bite me, thomas”

  1. I did just now, and boy, did that feel good.

    By the way, I do regret that the corporate target of my parental ire is headquartered in your beloved Iowa, a state for which I also have a soft spot.


  2. I hear ya. We also received, as our “so sorry for poisoning your child” gift, another lead-tainted toy, which we then had to send back. Ahem.


  3. Good for you, Tina.

    We have Thomas toys, too, but haven’t bought new ones in years. I am amazed at what poor quality they are compared to my BRIO collection (which is almost 30 years old). The paint is peeling badly, leaving the crappy plastic faces as the most prominent features. I don’t know if it’s a “toys just aren’t the same today” or a “Thomas sucked even before using lead paint” phenomenon, but BRIO is way better.


  4. go tina! maybe the stores that have the thomas displays in them to suck in the kids will remove them. that’s pretty much the best marketing tool they have.


  5. You KNOW I love this post. I also love that you sent it. I’ve taken to doing that — sending my pissed off posts to the companies with whom I’m pissed off. I figure, hey, why not? I’ve already done all the work.


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