with or without you (jeremy)

A little less than a year ago I joined Jeremy on a weight loss journey. We both eventually fell off the wagon.

I’m ready to get back on. Last I heard, he wasn’t. Who knows, though, he’s known to change his mind occasionally.

At any rate, I’m looking for anyone who’s in a similar boat and might keep me motivated. I find that I can often be more accountable to near-strangers than I can my own friends, but that the Weight Watcher message boards can be a scary place.

It doesn’t have to be any specific program. It doesn’t have to be hard-core. Further, it doesn’t have to be here. We could set something else up. I just thought this would be a good place to put a call out there. If you’re interested, let me know.

10 thoughts on “with or without you (jeremy)”

  1. I might do this. I’ve gained back almost exactly half the weight I lost with my great diet of the summer of 2005, and so am reaching the point of being scared. If I went back to it, I’d have to do WWOL.


  2. I am in, though I don’t care to disclose my particulars. Is that okay?

    Also, I prefer sparkpeople to WWOL, mostly because it’s free, but also because that point system is too much for me to deal with at times.


  3. I’ll try sparkpeople for a week and see if it works for me. Then I’ll decide if I need to switch to WWOL. Is there a way to share journals etc. with others on sparkpeople?


  4. I’m down with getting less fat. I have recently decided that I am not going to claim that I want to get “thin” – as it strikes me as an unlikely goal. But “less fat” is both attainable and desirable.


  5. I’m in, although I might do WWOL and just nominally register at sparkpeople. I don’t know how that works. Are we going to have a shared weekly day where we do our weigh-ins (even if not everyone is into sharing the results)?


  6. I’m sending out invitations to the Scatterplot Slimdown SparkTeam. Email me or leave a comment here if you want to join. All y’all in the comments to this point should have invitations already.


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