smoothieing over adversity

Just because I’m very pleased about the outcome of Australia’s elections does not mean I wish ill on the outgoing PM. In fact, I just sent him an e-mail with an exciting idea for what he might do next:

Name: Ms Violet Crumple
Email Address: violetcrumple [at] gmail
Postal Address: [not any of your concern]
Subject: new opportunity

Dear John,

I'm an Australian citizen, currently living in the US, and I've been
following the election news with interest. I saw that you might be
out of a job, so I wanted to let you know about a business opportunity
you might want to consider.

Orange Julius is a fruit smoothie company that is yet to break into
the Australian market. ( You could open
the first one in the country! There's also the possibility of
combining a franchise with one for Dairy Queen to increase the range
of products you could sell. These companies are very popular here in
the US and I know how much you love the US, so I'm sure you'd enjoy
introducing these great American products to Australian consumers.

Yours sincerely,

(Of course, while the e-mail is intended mostly as an altruistic message of goodwill, I’ll admit I would be delighted to be able to stop by an Orange Julius next time I’m back–and over-the-antipodal-moon delighted if I could get a Peanut Buster Parfait as well.)

4 thoughts on “smoothieing over adversity”

  1. What about Minties? Minties are an Australian candy with this ad campaign that involves scenes of impending catastrophe and the slogan “It’s Moments Like These You Need Minties.” I’ve been concerned about this because of my own candy idea, Tormentos, which are like regular Mentos except marketed with scenes of sad misadventure and the slogan: “Tormentos: for when you just want to curl up in a ball and be depressed with some mints.”


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