maybe the 900-foot jesus told him to go to the bahamas

News today of the son of Oral Roberts, Richard Roberts, president of Oral Roberts University, resigning after accusations that he embezzled funds for such luxury items as a stable of horses and a trip to the Bahamas on the university jet (the university jet?!). Or, I guess it isn’t embezzlement if you just charge it to the university account rather than take the money out and put it into your own account, so we’ll just say “misuse of funds.”

Of course, any story related to Oral Roberts reminds me of his famous vision of a 900-foot Jesus who told him to build a Christian hospital. It also reminds me that I haven’t listened to MC 900 Ft. Jesus in a while, and that naming your band after current events only is cool for a short while.

3 thoughts on “maybe the 900-foot jesus told him to go to the bahamas”

  1. I LOVE MC 900 Ft Jesus. In fact, the song “If I only Had a Brain” was the theme song for studying for my comprehensive exams.

    Actually, come to think of it, it might make a good song to listen to while writing my diss too…


  2. hey! i tour managed MC 900 ft Jesus! He was the nicest guy. We had to get a really big tour bus for him.

    He was great live. it evolved into a really cool jazz/hip hop show. A little ahead of his time.

    yes, current events do not make good band names. Neither does this. Very hard to promote.


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