happy thanksgiving

A lovely hush has come over the blog, and my email inbox, this Thanksgiving holiday, as all you Americans take a break from your internet duties to (hopefully) remember what we are all working so hard for. Though up north our Thanksgiving is a distant memory (mmm…homemade biscuits…), it is nice to realize why the volume has gone down so suddenly.

While you’re still calmly reflecting on all that you have, and before you start the frenzy of preparations for the next big holiday, why don’t you head over to mom’s fabulous blog to get some great ideas for gifts that are more about bringing joy than developing brand loyalty. After all, there are only 33 more crafting days until Christmas.

7 thoughts on “happy thanksgiving”

  1. Well, the ritual of it is exactly the same: gather with family, watch football, eat turkey, stuffing, etc. My strong sense is that there is far less pressure, however, to travel far and wide to gather the entire family together. And since the holiday is on a Monday, many people celebrate on the Sunday, or even the Saturday, instead.

    This past Thanksgiving, it was unseasonably warm here, bordering on hot and muggy. We’d had our family dinner on Sunday, so under no pressure to cook, we spent all morning hanging out in the local park with four or five other parents and kids. I was struck by the mellowness of it and really appreciative that I got to relax. I can’t remember a relaxing American Thanksgiving (though I imagine my experience is colored by my gender–I have seen many men in my own family looking quite relaxed, even asleep, by the late afternoon on Thanksgiving).


  2. Tina, thanks for that link, some great reads over there.

    Your Thanksgiving this year sounds nice. I try not to travel during this holiday, it just seems like a recipe for disaster. I prefer to host and it’s one of the two days in the year when I devote the entire day to cooking. It’s fun. And with my new system of starting the night before and cleaning as I go along, it all goes pretty smoothly.


  3. Ah! Thank so much to Ms. Tina and others who’ve visited. Thanksgiving is already a distant memory here (what was that 2 days ago?) — on our way back from the obligatory trek, we got our tree and now it’s up.

    It smells so great — can’t I just keep all the giant rubbermaid tubs in the basement and leave the thing naked?


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