crime and cranberry sauce

Happy Thanksgiving, all. I was talking to a graduate student the other day who said he likes to call Thanksgiving “Genocide Day.” I replied, “Well, I’m very excited to have my family out here for their first Genocide Day outside of Iowa!”

And, indeed, they did come to Evanston. This was my mother’s first trip to the Chicago area since 1953, when she was 17 and on her honeymoon. As readers of my former blog might remember, my mother’s enjoyment of honeymoon sightseeing was greatly compromised when her father took her aside and said “When you go to Chicago, you look straight ahead. You don’t look at anyone, or you’ll get stabbed.”

When my parents and Sister A arrived on Wednesday, a prim older woman held the elevator for us. We go up, and the doors open. Prim woman gets out and my mom follows. “Mom, this isn’t our floor.” Prim woman turns, and my mom scurries back on to the elevator wailing, “I don’t want to get stabbed!”

Then she laughed! My mom was joking! My mom is hilarious. At least, I’m pretty sure my mom was joking.

Thanksgiving in Evanston turned out really well, largely because three things were a hit with the family: (1) the view out my window, (2) the Whole Foods Thanksgiving, and, most of all (3) the Wii, especially Wii bowling. Seriously, my family the last couple of days would have made a very compelling Wii commercial, especially if the film crew was able to splice in comparison footage of recreation from recent holidays past. The original plan was for my parents and Sister A to leave by 1pm on Thursday; instead, they are staying another night and my mom and sister are still out in my living room bowling as I type this.

Update, a half-hour later: I just went to reheat a plate of stuffing, and had to stop and high-five my mom because she just picked up the 6-10 split.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

11 thoughts on “crime and cranberry sauce”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Jeremy- Great that your family came..sounds like your mother knows how to have fun. My father used to always tell me to watch out for “pick pockets”! He made me paranoid. I tightly clutch my purse when walking anywhere.


  2. Thanks for the update Jeremy, glad to know that the Freese Family Highrise is working out well. So when are you hosting a Wiifest for friends?

    I don’t make turkey and this year no one volunteered so I had to go with a store-bought one. I have to say the turkey from Jewel (Butterball) was quite yummy.

    But the part I really enjoy is all the cooking and baking so I would never go with an entirely store-bought dinner. However, if you don’t enjoy cooking or can’t find the time with all the various other goings on, I can see how it would make things much easier and it’s nice to know that the option exists.


  3. Tina: Although I did order a second kind of stuffing, the Whole Foods meal was billed as “serves 6-8” and yet the seven adults only ate about 40% of the total food given to us, so apparently WF understands Thanksgiving portions.

    Eszter/C&S: Yes, I should figure out what would be a good time to have a Chicago-area Wiifest.


  4. No, actually, we used Miis from my past Wii parties, as a result, while bowling, my sister was a colleague from Madison (Zhen), my mother was a fellow postdoc at Harvard (Kathleen), and my father was Sal’s roommate (Fernando).


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