smaller stakes than solving the problem of longitude, but presumably simpler also

Update:  Problem solved.  After some consultation from an outside adjudicator,  Mike wins the prize for his copy-and-paste-perfect solution although Peter’s solution from a few minutes earlier might work if I fiddled with it.  Mike: send me your address, and then start waiting by your mailbox for the prize.

In addition to public accolade here, I will personally send a real (i.e., tangible, nonvirtual) and quirky prize worth at least $10 to whoever can successfully solve the problem of making Scatterplot’s sidebar wider. Be sure to read clues in the comments to my earlier post before proposing a solution. The CSS for Scatterplot can be viewed here (HT: mbader). Anyone is eligible; please alert anyone you think has sufficient geek-chops for this challenge.

(Aside: should that be whoever or whomever above? Where’s Eszter when you need her?)

Two simple rules:1. I am the absolute and final judge of whether it counts as a solution, but I promise I will act in good faith.

2. I want the sidebar wider while still appearing parallel to and on the left side of the posts. In other words, I want a solution that preserves all other design features of this blog, except that the sidebar is wider.

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

9 thoughts on “smaller stakes than solving the problem of longitude, but presumably simpler also”

  1. I’m here! It’s whomever. How do I know? Just substitute he/she vs him/her in a sentence that’s not a question, rather, a response to the question. You will give the money to her so it’s whomever.

    Sorry, no time to figure out the WP issues.:( (I remember it took me forever to figure out how to make the image linked back when, that was painful enough.)


  2. i actually think it should be “whoever” because it’s the subject of the following clause. cf., “i’ll give $10 to whomever i can beat in scrabble.”


  3. Jeremy, if Peter’s didn’t work – I posted what I think is a solution in the original post. If I understand correctly, you can’t get to the 2c-l.css file to edit it (I could be wrong) – if that is the case, you can edit your personal .css file as I noted in the original post.


  4. Lose the “ever” and see which sounds right:

    I’ll give a prize to (anyone) who can successfully solve .
    I’ll give a prize to (anyone) whom can successfully solve


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