it’s 9:15pm, and…

I’m about to go to bed. I moved to NYC thinking it would change my life. That things would be exciting. That I would finally get away from Madison, where the few things I did were eat out and go to movies.

Now I live in NY. And I eat out. Movies are no longer a part of my life. So I guess it’s been a net loss! Funny how I fooled myself.

Oh, and no one told me life as an assistant prof would be so much harder than life as a grad student. I’m not complaining. Life so far is actually better. But it’s more work. I wish I’d known.

6 thoughts on “it’s 9:15pm, and…”

  1. I tell students regularly that they should appreciate how much time they have now, because it’s only going to get worse. But I always start by saying: “I know you won’t believe what I’m about to tell you”, because I doubt that they do.


  2. Tenure seems so far away that it’s like a mythical land inhabited by pixies. I have had an odd (and perhaps related) revelation this morning. I like my work. I like doing it. And given how much time I seem to avoid it at times you would think that this weren’t the case. In fact I’d say I’m happier working than not working. But for a sizable chunk of hours I work pretty hard at not working (which means making myself less happy). Nothing too dramatic. This is not a call for help. But interesting. I should go see a psychoanalyst. Could be interesting! Or, anyone on here know their Freud?


  3. It IS more work — but you feel more in control, or at least I do. I was so excited to finish grad school so I could stop writing these carefully crafted emails to my committee asking-but-not-really-asking-if-I-was-ready-but-not-really-ready-to-maybe-just-possibly-maybe-think-about-scheduling-a-defense-at-a-date-that-is-convenitent-for-you-of-course. Sigh.

    And yes — pixie land. I hope to visit it someday.


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