“The name is the thing. It’s like trying to come up with a name for a band. I want it to suggest quirkiness without being precious.”
“Quirky – precious = us!”
“Nix on Pub Sociology II: Electric Boogaloo. Nix on Quirkass Sociology.”
“I think some of my students weren’t yet born in the days of Kickass Sociology.”
“I can’t even contemplate the birthyears of my students.”
“Can we nix sociology in the name altogether?”
“That would be my strong preference.”
“Also, no ‘blog’ or ‘weblog’ in the name this time.”
“I agree. I didn’t know you could call your weblog anything other than [name] weblog back when I started mine.”
“Old skool. People needed to know what they were reading back then. Now, it’s like when a women’s hockey team wants their name to play off the fact they are women: Chicks with Sticks!”
“Exactly! We are not Chicks with Sticks.”
“Except, Chicks with Sticks wouldn’t actually be a bad name.”
“I guess it’s not really right for us.”
“Not quite a fit.”
“If we were starting a band, I’d be totally into Chicks with Sticks. I could wear drag and stomp around stage menacing the audience with a cricket bat.”

Author: jeremy

I am the Ethel and John Lindgren Professor of Sociology and a Faculty Fellow in the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University.

5 thoughts on “overheard”

  1. I like the name a lot, good job! Reminds me of a name I’m saving for a rainy day if I want to start a new blog. (Like you, JF, I started blogging when name and “blog” were pretty much it.)


  2. Sorry for not sending out an e-mail announcing we’ve launched. It was somewhat impulsive that I posted the link from my own blog.


  3. Hmmm — a blogful of sociologists. Veeeery Interesting. Found via Tina. Thanks Tina.

    Names I’m saving:

    for my boat: sabbatical
    for my next dogs: Disco and Frisbee
    for my superhero identity: Super Procrastinator: Saving the world, tomorrow.
    for my band: Nothing to See Here

    Not that you asked.


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