my dog eats her own barf

Shall I rehash the feminist critique of assumptions about professionals being disembodied individuals detached from family obligations? I think not. Instead, an example. (Warning: gross!)

I’m reading to Kid from the Animal Science Book, while he’s having his potty time. I think we were learning about how coral and sponges are animals, not plants, when I hear Dog barf. I have to choose between wiping the poopy bum or cleaning up the vomit, and I pick the bum. Wrong choice–Dog eats vomit.

“Gross!” says Kid. At least one family member is properly socialized.

Since then, Kid has had a bath and gone to bed, and Dog has graced the carpet with three more barfs. I have become that crazy person who drops everything and scampers to clean up the barf before she can eat it up again.

Meanwhile, there is sociological work to be done. And I wonder, does Rob Sampson ever have to choose between poop and barf? If so, I hope he makes the right choice.

6 thoughts on “my dog eats her own barf”

  1. It’s too bad nobody plays those all-text adventure games anymore. This would be a great puzzle for one of them.

    Is eating vomit actually bad for a dog? I suppose it probably depends on the cause of the vomiting in the first place.


  2. See, while it used to gross me out that my cat ate her barf, it meant I never had to get up in the middle of the night to clean it up. Oh, the good ol’ days…


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