now, isn’t that better?

This blog is now beautiful! An excellent design for a fabulous blog. Kudos to Jeremy for designing the graphic, learning CSS, customizing the template and, of course, for taking the initiative to put this blog together in the first place.

5 thoughts on “now, isn’t that better?”

  1. first comment ever! now if i can just remember my username and password. don’t like having to create a wordpress account to comment. is that meta enough?

    irregardless, i have you bookmarked and will return with more insightful commentary.


  2. Yay, this blog is beautiful!

    My only complaint is that the page keeps reloading while I’m reading, and so if I want to move back a page I actually have to go back like 5 pages. What kind of weird WordPress magic is that?


  3. Wait what is this? It keeps reloading while you are reading. I don’t know what you mean.

    The concept where you don’t get the edit the HTML of the template, and you don’t get to edit the CSS that goes on top of the HTML, but instead you edit the CSS on top of the CSS on top of the HTML, is new to me and has taken much twiddling.


  4. The only reason I even noticed that the page was reloading was because I wanted to move back a page and noticed that it was about 5 reloads away. I’m using Firefox and so it might be a browser-specific problem. It doesn’t seem to happen when I’m at orgtheory, which suggests it’s not a general problem with WordPress.


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