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session organizer bleg

I’m late doing my ASA session organizing work this year. Ugh. I still the hate the interface. It’s a Saturday, I can’t ask ASA. So questions for experienced Scatterplotters. (1) Before sending a paper off to another session, I’d like to know whether that session organizer is already done. If they are, there is no […]

ASA Calendar with locations!

I got this link from Eszter Hargittai via FB. Directions for how to download schedule information WITH LOCATIONS from the ASA my schedule link into Outlook. It turns out this also works for Google calendar. The steps for Google include saving the calendar file, deciding whether to create a separate ASA calendar (I made a […]

did i miss something?

According to this on the ASA web site, “To assist attendees in their explorations of the city, ASA is sending a copy of the Discover Boston 2008 Guide to everyone who pre-registers for the ASA Annual Meeting.”  I am pre-registered and don’t remember seeing this.  Did anyone else get it?


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