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delete your google browsing history while you still can.

The Daily Mail and Digital Journal offer step-by-step instructions (and the rationale) for deleting your history before March 1st. For those of you who haven’t seen it floating around Facebook (ht: Jenn, among others), here’s how you do it:

food for thought from/re graham spanier

The below comes from my colleague Philip Cohen. (Spanier was president of Penn State from 1995 until yesterday): Excerpts from Graham Spanier’s article: “Higher Education Administration: One Sociologist’s View,” Sociological Perspectives, Vol. 33, No. 2 (Summer, 1990), pp. 295-300, I truly believe that it is something like athletic accomplishment. To be really good you […]

it was a lovely week, really

Despite my last post, life here in Fetnerville has been quite enjoyable lately. Given that our usual excitement consists of looking for worms after a rainstorm and watching Kid buckle his own seatbelt, it is tough to imagine so much happening in just a few days. We missed Easter completely, though throughout the weekend I […]


Included among our adventures in the last week: scarlet fever hockey tournament bum bruise broken leg panic attack So, I am behind in all correspondence other than Twitter. That is all.

vacation wrap-up: heading home

I’m sitting in the dark in our hotel room, as I have done every night this week. Kid’s bedtime is 8pm, and what is there to do besides sit quietly and read? I hadn’t even figured out that he can fall asleep with the computer glow on until last night. Before that, I was reading […]

vacation post: from san bruno

Whew! After my great trip in Denver, I spent half a day hanging out in the Denver airport, half a day flying to California, and half a day hanging out with my family. Does that add up to a day and a half? That’s what it feels like, anyway. Husband and Kid are flying in […]

email victory

Way back in May, I reported my attempt to achieve the unthinkable: the zero message e-mail inbox. Mine had swollen to 1300 messages and I had to try to cut it down to get my sanity back. At this time of that report, it seemed like the goal was well within reach. I’d progressed all […]

grace is not my middle name

I just sliced off the tip of the pinky finger on my left hand. Good thing I have a blog so that I can share this moment with you. That dot in my palm is my former fingertip:

dong redux

I received my dental bill from Dr. Dong today. It was handwritten. Should I think this is weird? And, if weird, is it weird in a hipster-down-home-indie-dentist way, or just weird in a bad way? Also: Dial Idol and the prediction markets still think that Scatterplot’s own David Cook is going to win American Idol […]

downed by the dishes

I’m out in sunny California, checking in on my folks and giving my sister a break from caregiving. Things here are much less chaotic than my last visit, when my mom was in a car accident. She’s much better now, and Mom & Dad have caregivers who drop by every day for cooking, laundry and […]

providence in portland.

My best friend, Laurie, lives in Portland, Oregon, worlds away from South Bend. We usually see each other during the summer, but this year there was a special treat – I’d be at the Pacific Sociological Association’s annual meeting in Portland – that would bring us together an extra time this year. Laurie’s mom is […]

adventures in new york

So this morning I’m calling to set up an appointment to get my hair cut. Shamus: I need a hair cut. Salon: Great! [Details...] Oh! And we’re having a special right now. With a hair cut you get a free make-up consult. Shamus: Um… I’m single. [Meaning: there's no one in my life who could […]

prudent printing is about more than saving paper

If your job requires you to share a printer, either be careful what you print or pick up said printing immediately. Saving trees and saving face are both virtuous.


I have an old email account I check on occasion. Others sometimes mistype their own account and register for services using this email address. Most services ask for confirmation so there’s not much of a problem. In such cases I don’t confirm and that way the registration doesn’t really go through. Presumably the person eventually […]

the state of affairs.

Did anyone else watch the State of the Union address last night?


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