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don’t tread on my statehood dreams

In case you’ve missed the news of of rural Northern Colorado, a number of counties there wish to secede from the state because those darn city slickers in Denver just don’t listen to their concerns. Although the chances are nearly impossible since it would require an amendment to the Colorado constitution and approval of Congress, […]

comprehensive list of saluations

I’m considering asking for the book to be shipped to Lord Duke Professor Doctor Andrew Perrin:

trends in anonymous blogging.

Somehow – and much to my dismay, now that most of the day is behind me – I ended up tumbling down an internet rabbit hole today and venturing through blogs (and blog entries on still flourishing existing blogs) from yesteryear.* When I looked back at those blogs (and early entries here), there were so […]

ses and life course isomorphism

The scene in the parking lot at my son’s school yesterday, for the holiday sing-along: Generally the parking lot has about 40% Odysseys, 40% Priuses, and 20% assorted others. Convergence?  

demotivational posters

A colleague let me know about the demotivational products–some really hilarious–at My favorite:

championship social science

OK, it’s March Madness time. I had no interest whatsoever in college sports before moving to Chapel Hill and quickly becoming a Tar Heel devotee.


A friend directed me to this blog the other day. It’s a great place to take a fluff-break. Not that my taste is universal, but I adore the author’s commentary. Of course, sometimes she shares the stage and it’s just as good. Like here, where I laughed until I cried (appropriately, it appears, as that’s […]

it’s in my brain now

I’m sure that research paper will be interesting, too. Via Academic Productivity, who got it from whythatsdelightful.

we hit our 100,000th view today

Next stop, 1,000,000!

verrry e-nteresting

I received an e-mail this evening from a certain widely respected and extremely productive scholar. Right there, in the signature file of the message: ** I never read my email before 4pm. ** Now, there’s an idea. I mean, I don’t think it’s actually the idea I have the wherewithal or willpower to act upon […]

‘fess up.

I know I’m not the only one who is currently working on my 2008 ASA submission.

tomorrow never comes

Procrastinators have all kinds of things they want to do, they just don’t want to do them today. Maybe they don’t feel like it; maybe there are so many other things they feel like they must do today they can’t possibly contemplate embarking on the others. The problem is that it is always today, and […]

asa: a lobbying organization?

I just got the new issue of Footnotes. It fit in well with my attempt to look busy but avoid doing my immediate work. Two pieces were what I would consider “lobbying” or “position-taking” on the part of the organization (excluding a South African Scholar from the US and a letter of protest to the […]


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