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that faculty impact “study”

I got a call this morning from the Daily Tar Heel because, while UNC was dead last among the 94 universities covered in the study Kieran has been mocking for its invention of an MIT sociology department, I am apparently the third-most-impactful faculty member in that dubious list. Talk about damning with faint praise.


It’s humbling to go to the library every once in a while. Standing in the stacks reminds you of all the things you don’t know – regardless of whether you think of these as the things you have left to learn, the things you’ll never know, or the things that others don’t know either so […]

how not to graph trends over time

Talking Points Memo has a slide showing President Obama’s approval rating 2011-2012: Putting the theorized causes of opinion shift between the two lines is pretty, but misleading since at least to me it implies that these events caused the difference between the two lines, not the change in the overall rating. More misleading–though in a […]

email overload

Feeling bored because your inbox is at zero? Why not wade around in someone else’s?

does this count as public sociology?

Certainly the strangest question I’ve been asked by a reporter or writer: Can a Fat Man Be President?

those reality tv camera conversations, with academics.

The videos on this site are strangely reminiscent of the follow ups at the end of late night episodes of Blind Date or the drunken ramblings from The Real World confessionals (only without booze). It’s a far cry from the solution faculty dreamed up to “turn the tables” on student evaluations. An interesting aside –

speaking of social psych and hollywood…

(I realize that I haven’t blogged in weeks and now it’s two times in an hour, but bear with me) Back in my Intro to Soc days I used to have students do this project on stigma.* Within minutes of my last post, a friend shared a link to this little Hollywood adaptation of that […]

whiteness studies

Readers review a gallon of milk on Amazon. [HT: Lucy]


I have an old email account I check on occasion. Others sometimes mistype their own account and register for services using this email address. Most services ask for confirmation so there’s not much of a problem. In such cases I don’t confirm and that way the registration doesn’t really go through. Presumably the person eventually […]

the end of the world as we watch it

A video is circulating around the web that many are calling the most disgusting thing they have ever seen. There’s also a video circulating just of the horrified reaction of people watching it. A friend who seems otherwise tough-to-squick apparently clicked to view it in a coffeeshop and almost threw up right there in front […]


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