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guerilla opera

A friend sent me this video – what fun, and what a demonstration of the power of culture!  

quote of the week

In a political science dissertation for which I was on the committee, I came across the following quote from Aristotle’s Poetics. I freely confess to never having read this or virtually any other of the Classical canon, so I had not seen it before. I liked it, and reproduce it here – more comment, perhaps, […]

best of alternative 2009

It’s time again for the year-in-review lists, and here is my fave of faves, Husband’s 2009 Best of Alternative Music list (iTunes link–should take you to the Canadian store*). I’ve mentioned before that Husband is a long-time list maker, and this was a good year for this genre. I was also going to point out […]

new year’s eve

Husband says that each holiday is my favorite, and there is some truth to that (except you, Valentine’s Day–drop dead!). But I especially like the New Year’s holiday, with all its promise to mark the passing of time, remember the good stuff and/or hope for a fresh start. I would love to celebrate, but do […]

countdown to the montréal apple store opening

Husband twitters that there are five people in line for the grand opening of the shiny new Apple Store in Montréal, which begins this evening at 5pm. It is the first store to open in Quebec, and it comes at a time when iTunes has more francophone content than ever. Husband has arranged a number […]


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